Best Ways to Sell Used Iphone 5

Apple Iphone 5 was unveiled on 12th September 2012 and was released on 21st September 2012. It was the sixth generation of Iphone and it succeeded iphone 4s. Iphone 5 was launched along with iphone 5c which was a cheaper version of iphone 5. Iphone 5 is a touch screen Smartphone that had major changes in design compared to previous models. The new features included an aluminum body which was lighter and thinner as compared to its predecessors. Iphone 5 has a taller screen of 16:9 aspect ratio, with LTE support and A6 system on chip. It also featured a compact dock connector replacing the old design charging pin. It also included Sony 8 MP camera and also a front camera.

If you are thinking to recycle your Iphone 5 or to sell used Apple Iphone 5, then this blog is going to give you some help in finding a good deal. SellSmartForCash UK is a big name of the mobile recycling industry that deals in buying used phones and then refurbishing them and selling them to other countries


We offer a good amount of £175 for a 65GB iPhone 5, while for the same specs iPhone 5; we offer a good amount of £180. In case you have scratches on your old iPhone 5, then you might receive a quote of about £165 or maybe less. However, if you have a 64GB iPhone 5 with totally broken screen, even then we will pay you a good amount of £143. We have provided a list of mobile phones at our website where you can find the price value of all the models of used Apple mobile phones. You simply have to find out your mobile’s model number and then get the value for your used phone.

Recycling Iphone 5

SellSmartForCash UK works in quite a simple way. We have established out online representation where we have provided the list of all the models of mobile phones for you. You simply have to go through the entire list if you want to sell non working Apple iPhone. Find out the model and you will see the price quoted by us for your broken phone. If you are satisfied with the price, send us your device. We will check it and the cash would be sent right away!

The rates which are offered by our company are valuable and you will be happy to see the quotes listed by us. You can recycle old Apple iPhone 5 by sending it to us and then receiving a cash within a short time span. Our services are trustworthy and we do not let our customers down by offering exceptional prices for your used Apple phones. UK has a very good online trade in program and we can fully subsidize the price of upgrading from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. We also offer cash incentives for those references that results in more sales. Any iPhone owner can take send his phone and can even utilize the online service that has a little waiting period for an old iPhone 5 that is in good condition. You have to make sure that your phone does not contain any personal data in it. You have to delete the entire information for selling old Apple iPhone 5 because we do not take that responsibility. We just check your old phones and send out the cash to you on instant basis.

Normally, many customers find it very profitable to sell broken Apple iPhones to us rather than many other vendors working out on the web. We are the best online service providers and offer quick and simple services to our clients.  You just have to pay some shipping cost for sending your devices to us however, even after considering these shipping costs, the price that you get by selling used and old phone from us is higher when compared to other online services. Therefore, its worth to give a shot to Sell Smart For Cash UK at least for once before you look out for other trading programs on the web.

An excellent recycling and trading program is offered by us to our customers. The prices that are offered for the used Iphone 5 are very much higher as compared to all other online services. We have succeeded in maintaining a very high standard when it comes to buying and selling used Apple iPhone 5.   We demand flawless screen and USB cable along with wall charger to regard a phone as in good condition. The price offered for a used Iphone 5 varies with the condition of the received phone. However, it is really important that you read the terms and conditions of our trade in programs before you take our effective and quick services.


Benefits of Recycling

In case you are wondering how does recycling helps then you will find the answers here. Firstly, mobile phones create toxic waste that can leech out in the land and in the groundwater that can cause very serious damage to human health as well as damage to the environment. It was estimated that about 70 % of the heavy metals in the land in USA comes directly from discarded electronics. Recycling saves human health and keeps the environment free from hostile elements.


Bottom line:

If you can wait for a bit after sending the phone away for few days, then the probability of earning the highest value is high. Prices keep fluctuating so it’s necessary to shop around. If you find our credit as good as cash, then you could definitely contact us for selling your used Iphone 5. You can also avail our services if your phone is not in a good condition as we buy used, broken and non working Apple iPhone 5 and many other mobile models.  We render amazing services to our clients in a profitable way. The satisfaction of our clients is out foremost priority; therefore, we try to provide the best solutions by offering best price value to the used and broken Apple iPhone 5.