Cell Phones for Sell Online

Sale cell phones online is a great solution for those who require the extra cash. Finally, a cell phone can be quite costly to upgrade or replace. If you require doing either of these tasks, why not obtain any cash from your cell phone?  You will be happy you did. The easiest solution is that most of the people are wholly unaware of is cell phone recycling. When a mobile phone is recycled, it is being reserved out of landfill. This reduces the pollution threat. Your data and information can be washed, so that you do not require worrying about the essential information falling into erroneous hands.

How do you go about the sale cell phones online? To compare and evaluate the different online choice on our site (www.SellSmartForCash.co.uk) you can simply look up and compare the prices on the mobile phone from many different companies. All you have to do is choose the choice in terms, price and payment choices you like the best. A new thing you might desire to know is that you can rely a recycling company. We only list companies that are recognized to be trustworthy and enjoy a better customer satisfaction rate. If we do not think a company is reputable then we were not being sure recommending them to the customers. It is worth remembering the reality that we are a site and not handle the payments ourselves. You can rely on the ability to recommend useful sites.


  1. Is there any warranty for the mobile phone you sell?
  2. We offer a money back guarantee and also exchange guarantee for the mobile phones we sell that are rated completely functional. We cover up the functional defects that arise as a consequence of the normal use of the mobile phone. But we do not warrant any of the following conditions:
  • Damaged caused by the extreme heat
  • Damage that caused by the improper use of mobile phone
  • Damage caused by the exposure to water
  • Any software related problems
  • Any other physical damages

Aesthetic condition is not covered by warranty. To return any mobile phone, please contact us by the email with your purchase order number and an issue description to get a returned merchandise authorization number before shipping. If you select to receive an exchange then we will do so if you have the mobile phone in stock upon receipt of the return. If not, we will refund your order.

  1. I have lots of mobile phone to sell can I ship them all at once?
  2. Yes, you can do it. This saves the money for the shipping. However, if the mobile phone belongs to the different sell orders, kindly ensure to comprise all the trade confirmation numbers from all the sell orders.
  3. How do I change the confirmed sell order?
  4. Confirmed order can be cancelled or change only before the mobile phones are shipped. If you require changing the content of confirmed sell order easily send us the email and state that if for order you want you cancel.