How to Sell Apple iPhone5 – Do’s & Don’ts

In the last two years since its inception, Apple iPhone5 has really taken the world by hurricane. This revolutionary, yet advanced phone is truly inspiring the entire marketplace of Smart phones, owing to its cutting-edge features and wonderful specifications. But, most of the iPhone5 owners get frustrated with the constant innovations in the models and when Apple launches a latest model in the market. The company keeps on releasing latest and advanced models on yearly basis. Every year, Apple tends to launch a new model that makes the older models look archaic. So, owners of iPhone5 who want to stay on the cutting edge are imposed to purchase the new models year after year.

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If you are also among such owners then don’t despair as there is a solution through which you can fund your latest purchase. You may simply visit a website of an online vendor that specializes in “Sell Apple iPhone5” business. You may mail your used, broken, non-working iPhone5 device to the vendor and they will pay you in return instantly, after reviewing the present condition of the device. If you are about to sell Apple iPhone5 then please consider the list of do’s & don’ts mentioned below in this article.


Remove all the Data from Phone before Selling

The most important thing is to clear all the important data from the device before you post it to the vendor. This is the biggest mistake that most of the owners ignore before they decide to sell Apple iPhone5. If you forget to clear the data before handing the device to new owner then there is a possibility that the new owner may misuse your personal information which may create hassles later. So, try to clear all the data including, social media access, contacts and even the calendar events. Don’t allow the new owner of the device to access your personal applications, emails and other important files. Most of the genuine buyers may consider clearing the data themselves as an inconvenience, but there are other buyers as well who may take advantage of your personal information left device which may result in stress and financial burden later.

Publish always Actual Images of Phone

When you have decided to sell Apple iPhone5 online make sure that you post the actual images of phone, instead of posting the stock images. Most of the buyers always try to view the actual image of the phone before coming to a decision. This also ensures that you are scamming them with non-existent or damaged phones. If your phone is in good shape and condition then this will not only help you to build trust with your buyers, but also it will enables you to quote higher price for your good condition iPhone5. If there are any dings in your phone and you mentioned about it upfront then it will put you in a strong bargaining position.


Quote Reasonable Price Always

Apart from posting honest and actual images of your iPhone5, there are also other crucial aspects that you need to keep in mind in terms of pricing. Always bear in mind that the purchasers are actually amongst the people who are seeking for a secondhand iPhone5 to save some penny, just like you. So, it is very important that you quote reasonable price for your used iPhone5 which buyers can afford easily. If the phone is only few months older, then you may quote price that is closer to the current new price. But, the old models of iPhone5 should be sold to customers at heavy discount rates. If you don’t post reasonable price for your used iPhone5 then it may leave you behind without any potential buyer indeed.


Avoid Cheque Payment

Once you have decided a reasonable price to sell Apple iPhone5, it is the time to put your phone for actual sale on online website dealing in such services. There are several websites on internet through which you can make actual sale of your device. But, before you decide a website it is important to check the payment mode of the online vendor. There are many websites that commit to make payment through cheque. Ignore such websites. The websites that make payment through cheque tend to make scams by issuing false cheque to sellers. This will simply put you out not only your money, but your device also. So, you should select reputed and reliable online vendors that make payment through PayPal or electronic bank transfer.

Don’t Invite People into your Home

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind before you decide to sell Apple iPhone5. If you decide to sell your device locally you should never invite the buyer in your home and you should never agree to meet them personally in some scheduled or private location. There are many criminal minded people across UK and they simply search for selling offers and call the owners to meet in some private location with an aim to rob the device and costly belongings from the owners. This instruction should be followed by everyone, especially women who are at additional risk. So, it is always better to make the transaction and sell the phone online through some reputed and reliable online vendors. This will ensure that you are dealing with genuine vendor and your money is in safe hands.


Don’t Give any Feedback until the Purchase is Finalized

If you decide to sell Apple iPhone5 online through some online service providers then you will be given an option for writing your experience of selling your device through their site. No matter, how genuine the online vendor is, you should never write any feedback until your transaction is completed. You should first get a written confirmation of delivery from the vendor and also ensure that the device is in working condition when it is delivered to the new owner. Once you have cross-checked all these details you may write your feedback accordingly. This will not only help the other sellers, but also protect them from becoming a victim if the site is a scammer.

These were some of the Do’s & Don’ts that you need to follow when you decide where to sell Apple iPhone5 online.