Sell iphone 5 on SellSmartForCash

These are the following ways that should be taken when we want to cash iPhone5;

  • Sell on SellSmartForCash

My personal selection is selling the iPhone 5 on the Whenever I sell Apple iPhone I tend to get the best amount and the fastest sale. My iPhone 5 is presently going for an average of £459. SellSmartForCash may not be for everybody since you do have to manage a face to face meeting to complete or finish the sale. It can be sketchier choice but there are protects to selling on the SellSmartForCash.

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  • Trade in your iPhone

Apple proposes an easy trade in program for the iPhone 5. My iPhone 5 is presently valued at £459 before the iPhone 6 declared it was worth at £539. The simplest way to obtain the iPhone evaluated is to go to the Apple retail store, though there is an online choice that needs you to ship your iPhone 5 for the evaluation.

SellSmartForCash offer the trade in program and it evaluated the iPhone 5 at £300 but it’s offering an incentive if I select to purchase the new iPhone adding in an extra £ 300

  • Online market places

There are the lots of marketplaces that purchase the iPhone and pay you cash such as SellSmartForCash. The payout is importantly lower, although, in the most of the cases, the iPhone 4 on the SellSmartForCash goes for £300 but iPhone 5 can bring you £350

  • Friends and Family

There is nothing wrong with the selling a good iPhone 5 to friends or family member. Do the homework and search the going rate for the iPhone5. You can add a friend and family discount since you are diminishing hassle of trade in or dealing with the strangers. Go ahead and also post your iPhone 5 on the SellSmartForCash and send the email.


  1. Who are SellSmartForCash?
  2. SellSmartForCash is a company that aimed at providing the customers best deals possible for the unwanted iPhone. IPhone is becoming famous as more and more people want to get cash for old iPhone. It is a brilliant way to make the additional cash for the iPhone, which are no longer used or wanted. We suggest every time you obtain a latest iPhone you should sell the old iPhone. Not only it obtains the some further cash for the iPhone, but iPhone recycling is also best for the environment. Essentially, we do as our name states – we assist you obtain cash iPhone and assist you to contribute towards helping the environment. We propose you a competitive price for the iPhone 5, and then you are capable to send your iPhone 5 by the post and wait for the cash for iPhone 5 you send to us.
  3. Why you should trade in the iPhone?
  • Unwanted iPhone 5 are shipped to the 3rd world countries and reused, which in turns provides them a fresh life.
  • By using the service we do not require to manufacture so many latest iPhones.